Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Cast of Characters

Romance Writer, Jack LaBloom is on the verge of becoming the next big breakout author. From all accounts, the only thing holding him back is his writing.

We all live on a lake, which has a mystery of its own. Jack’s neighbors are the source of many of his short stories. Eddy and Darla, a young couple who married right out of high school, live next door to Jack. They provide him with constant inspiration on love and romance. They are also the only two beta readers still hanging on. Jack’s other beta readers abandoned ship long ago. About the same time his yacht, a twelve foot rowboat he calls The USS Sieve, starting taking on water.
Then there’s Zelda, the ninety-eight year old Psychic who lives on the other side of Jack’s cabin, in a restored trailer from the forties. There’s a human hand painted on the side of it with the words: Psychic Readings $1.00. As the rejections keep coming in, she gives Jack the kind of counseling only a charlatan can.

And last, but not least is Leon, a retired bank robber, who claims to be a financial adviser with years of experience in how to make money the easy way.

And speaking of that mystery, a singer/dancer from the 1920s era is said to have drowned herself in the lake, after her career was cut short by an unscrupulous manager and former lover. Her serenades still bring pleasure to those of us who live in Hamptons Lake Estates.

Who am I you might ask. I’m just the local caretaker, in charge of keeping the place tidy. I'll try to make sure Jack shares at least one short story per week. That's about all his beta readers can stomach.

I hope you enjoy Jack’s stories.

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  1. This was so wonderful! I wonder if the lake has any houses for rent? Sounds like a fun place to hang out.